Jun 13 2009

Speed Daemons – Update 2

When I stopped work on Thursday night I had 20 Daemonettes in various stages of completion. Yesterday I managed to finish them all off to a standard that isn’t too embarrassing which puts me neatly back on target.

They certainly aren’t going to win any prizes and I’ll definitely be tidying them up between the 4 Nations event and the ETC proper but:

  1. They’re painted
  2. The paint is very thinly applied so I can easily overpaint them later if needed or even just respray them
Girly daemons

Girly daemons

Here’s a close-up, as you can see it’s predominately inks with some very basic highlighting.


Today I’m going to tackle the Flamers and the Screamers with the big paintbrush and stick the Horrors together. My plan is to try and get the units out of the way this weekend so that I can spend some time on the Heralds during the week.

Scores on the doors:

Points Painted Today : 270 points

Points Target Daily: 200 Difference: +70

Points Target Overall: 400 Difference: -130

Figures Painted Today: 20

Figure Target Daily: 10 Difference: +10

Figure Target Overall: 20 Difference: On Target!

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