Apr 24 2009

Who Cares What You Write?

So Cuppycake asked a question that she thought would be controversial, namely ‘Are games designers who blog worth reading?’ Not particularly surprisingly (except to Ms Baribeau apparently), the answer was a resounding ‘depends’.

Now clearly I have a horse in this race as a games designer who blogs and so you should definitely be listening to me. It’s posited that there are 3 kinds of design blog (Scott Jennings adds a fourth in the comments):

  1. Ivory tower theoreticians
  2. Enthusiastic amateurs
  3. Guys who know what they’re doing and show a good example

(Scott’s fourth category was ‘Guys who know what they’re doing but prefer to spew bile becasue it’s more entertaining than playing nicely”).

For what it’s worth the blogs I read regularly are all linked in the sidebar to the right and the vast majority of them are in category 3 with a few of Lum’s category 4s for the slow news days and you should read them too.

Once you’ve visited here of course.